What We Offer

✧ Placement of insurance with all Insurers

✧ Portfolio Management

✧ Risk Management

✧ Competitive rates of premium

✧ Inspections on all classes of insurance

✧ Issuance of Cover Notes, thereby providing clients with immediate coverage

✧ Periodic review of our Clients insurance portfolios and the restructuring of existing programs to fall in line the prevailing risk environment

✧ Recommend modifications and extensions to existing classes of insurance by examining appropriate terms and conditions for each form of insurance

✧ Claims Consultancy

✧ Speedy recovery of claims

✧ Advise on Life and Investment policies

✧ Advise on special policies offered by various Insurers other than the standard policies available in the market

✧ We could also tailor make policies to suite each Client’s requirements

✧ Portfolio Consultancy

✧ Other related Insurance Services on our Clients’ Insurance Portfolios

✧ Keeping Clients informed of the constant developments in the market

✧ A representative is available 24 hours a day to attend to any customer’s requests